Military Aviation Museum

Military Aviation Museum
2017 Biplanes & Triplanes WWI Airshow

Biplanes & Triplanes - We Hope You Enjoyed The Show!

The Military Aviation Museum is proud to announce our annual Biplanes & Triplanes Airshow.

About the Show

The Military Aviation Museum's Bi-Plane and Tri-plane Airshow features a full WWI experience complete with planes soaring, a festive beer garden, live music and entertainment, food trucks, and free admission to the entire museum for the day!

View the 2017 biplanes and triplanes event and flight schedules here!
*Flight times are subject to change due to weather conditions the day of the show.

Event Schedules

  • Flying WWI Warbirds

    During this rare event our fully flight ready and restored WWI aircraft take to the skies! With over 20 vintage warbirds for your viewing pleasure, this is not something you will want to miss.

  • Military Re-Enactors

    Fully fitted military ree-nactors will be living, breathing, and eating how they did in WWI. They are full of knowledge of the war and the tools used during it.

  • Live Music and Entertainment

    Entertainment provided by Jay Brown's Grace Street Seven, Theresa Eaman, Magician Scott Wagoner, Carnival Games and much more!

  • Free Admission to the Museum

    With the purchase of an Airshow ticket, you will recieve free admission to our entire museum during the show. You can check out all of the planes that aren't flying in the show too!

Journey with us back in time...

Our airshows create a a first-hand feel of what it was like in WWI. You can visit and talk with re-enactors from both the Allied and Central Powers, fully dressed and fitted with how soldiers actually dressed and lived during WWI. There are also many enthusiasts and collectors of this unique era who come out and share their experience and knowledge of WWI.

If you missed the First World War, then this is your opportunity to take a step back in time and experience only the best parts of it. Join us at the historicly styled buildings and hangars of the Military Aviation Museum, located at the Virginia Beach Airport, as we recognize the War of the Nations. Come with us back in time to see how those who were in WWI lived, breathed, slept, and fought.

The museum owns and displays dozens of aircraft from the First and Second World Wars, which are all in meticulous flying condition. The sky will be crowded with colorful airplanes rarely seen before.

Enjoy entertainment throughout the day from the First World War and Roaring 20's, complete with live music, entertainers, food from Pittsburg's Best, 4 Spices Mediterranean, Heavenly Kettle Corn, a full beer garden, carnival games of the era, horse drawn hayrides, a magic show, and much more!

Watch skilled modelers fly their remote controlled (RC) vintage biplanes through mock aerial dogfights and aerobatics that their full-size brethren no longer perform. & shop our vendors at our military flea market. There will be unique memorabilia for all ages.

Food Trucks and Vendors

Ticket Sales

Online Ticket Sales Have Ended.

We'll See You Next Year!

All about Biplanes and Triplanes


View the sights and sounds of World War One.

Our vintage warbirds give you the sights sounds and even the smells of WWI aircraft. Hear them billow down the run way and take off right before your eyes. This is a one of a kind experience you wont want to miss.


Have you ever wanted to ride in a warbird?

You could be soaring the skies today. Learn more here

Are you looking to sign up your Reenactor Group?
You can sign up for the show using our online form.

Need help finding us?
The Military Aviation Museum is located in scenic Virginia Beach, VA.

Need a hotel? The Hilton Double Tree is offering a special discount for those attentding our airshow find our more by clicking here.

1341 Princess Anne Road, Virginia Beach, VA 23457

You can contact us at (757)-721-7767 for any other questions you may have.

We are open every day from 9am - 5pm.

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We Hope You Enjoyed The Show!

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